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Rebirthing/Breathwork, Ademwerk Sessions
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Van 23-02-2019 tot 24-02-2019
Locatie: Meerhuizenplein, Amsterdam, Noord-holland
Door: Manna Life Source
Prijs: € 180,00
Rebirthing/Ademwerk, Conscious Connected Breathing Sessions in English and Dutch

If you are ready to transform your life and would like guidance, I will be in Amsterdam from the 22nd until the 26th to offer private sessions in Rebirthing/Breathwork. This is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover and to reclaim the full potential of your breath. Find out why your breath is the single most important factor to your health, happiness and success. If you want more clarity in whatever aspect or area of your life, I can help open the door that will guarantee absolute success.

Rebirthing or Conscious breathing is a safe and gentle process unique for everyone. An average session will last about two hours. During a session, I will guide your breath into a soft and rhythmic flow, whereby the inhale and exhale are connected. In this process, your breath helps you heal and release any negative conditioning on the spiritual, mental and emotional planes and allows you to reconnect with your inner core and essence; there where all our essential qualities lie hidden to be used to fulfill our life's mission.
The final objective in the process is to enable you to use the breath yourself. Ultimately, Rebirthing/Conscious connected breathing will serve you as a tool to preventive healthcare and will lead you to a state of greater inner and physical well being.

About Robert
Robert is a Personal Development Trainer, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer/Teacher and Tantric. He gives trainings and individual sessions in Self Empowerment, Breathwork/Rebirthing, Shamanism and Tantra and is a certified Rebirther/Trainer and the Founder of Manna Life Source.
He obtained his shamanic skills through his collaboration with many Native Americans shamans and through an apprenticeship with a Hopi Medicine Man. He was also initiated to lead sweatlodge ceremonies. His drive to learn and to grow ultimately brought him to discover the path of Tantra
He has dedicated his life to personal healing and inner growth work and in addition to his own practice he also founded the European Rebirthing Association and a non profit Foundation: The Precious Pearl.

contact information:
Robert: 06 24680147


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Toegevoegd op 22-02-2019
Ademsessie, Coaching, Pers. ontwikkeling

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