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Massage course in English

Van 21-01-2020 tot 25-02-2020
Locatie: Prins Hendrikplein 1, 2518 JA Den Haag, Zuid-Holland
Door: OMB Academie Massage Opleiding, Cursus, Workshop
Prijs: € 227,00
In the relaxation massage course you learn various classical massage techniques, with which you can give people a varied massage. By carefully and attentively applying strokes, kneading and frictions, you give a massage that makes people relax physically and mentally.

During the massage lessons, the techniques are first shown to an assistant, so that you can clearly see how they work. Next, under the supervision of a professional masseur, you practice the massage techniques on another student and then this student practices the techniques on you. In this way you can also experience how the massage feels, which is not only relaxing, but also very educational. We work with natural massage oil and on comfortable massage tables.

Although the most of the course consists of massaging and being massaged, you also get theory about massage tables, massage oil, contraindications, your own physical posture, your breathing and grounding, and so on.

With the course you will receive a manual and a certificate will be issued after following the complete course. If you want to learn more afterwards, you can join a follow-up course.

The courses are given to a group of on average 8 and a maximum of 12 participants. In addition to the trainers, there is an assistant present, so that there is always sufficient guidance. You can sign up both individually and together with someone else.

For more information and registration, visit the website.
Toegevoegd op 04-11-2019
Massage, Workshop of cursus
OMB Academie Massage Opleiding, Cursus, Workshop
Prins Hendrikplein 1
2518 JA  Den Haag
Telefoon: 0645444569

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